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Welcome To Dodgetown English Kennels

My name is Dwan Glidewell and I am a proud member of the United English Breeders and Fanciers Assoc. and Sounthern English Assoc. we have some great people in both assoc. lets all keep up the great work and keep these English dogs on top I have met alot of good people thru coon hunting thanks to all who are friends 

Hank won sounthern english days in 2001

Hank was high scoring male at sounthern english days all english hunt 2004

Hank was high scoring english male at N.C. state hunt two years in a row 1999and2000

GrNiteCH Dodgetown Redneck Hank

Well Hank has been Granded Hank is a coondog in any situation Hank takes tracks as they come and puts a end to them with meat in tree Hank will be at stud or private treaty proof of negative brucellosis test at time of breeding you dont have to take my word for what hank is come go hunting and i can show you

                          Queens Dan

               MCcalls Frank

                        Goldens Speck

         McCalls Pete

                        Rouths Lucky

               Pr Huntleys Goldie 

                         Pr Rouths Brushcreek Spice

GrNtCh Dodgetown Redneck Hank

                      GrNtCh Briar Creek Bush Hog

                GrNTCh Pr Briar Creek Snake

                       GrNTCh Pr Briar Creek Sandy II

          Pr MCcalls Casey

                      GrNtCh Pr Cambells Bluegrass Amos

               NtChGrCh Pr Pine Knob Crystal II

                      GrNTChGrCh Pr Pine Knob Crystal



























































































































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References to call about Hank

Terry Dalton  336-871-3192

Chad Cook 336-593-8643

Ricky Cates 336-951-0409

Cody Doss 336-871-9040

Andrew Steele 336-871-2109

Bobby Collins 336-871-2961

I feed and reccomend Pride Dog Food